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Hong Kong Trip: Week 1 Round Up

Period included: 25 Dec 2013 - 29 Dec 2013

Blogmas Day 25: Merry Christmas from 5000 miles away!

A very merry Christmas from 5000 miles away!! I hope you are all eating too much already and opened all the presents on your wish lists!

Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve Flight to Hong Kong

It is Blogmas Day 24!! Christmas Eve!! When I first thought about doing Blogmas, it seemed such a challenging idea and I was thinking "will I be able to do it?" Coming up with a topic daily and actually getting down to do it are very different. But here we are!! The end is in sight! My last blogmas post will be tomorrow on Christmas Day.

Blogmas Day 23: Homeland 3 Finale

Image capped from Showtime, USA Another TV show blog post today. Homeland Season 3 finale was aired on UK Channel 4 last night.

Blogmas Day 22: Derren Brown: The Specialist

Image from Channel 4/ 4 on Demand website Last night after finished watching Strictly Come Dancing on BBC1 (Did you watch too? I am such a big fan of the show!!), I wasn't quite ready to go to bed yet, and I suddenly remembered that I haven't yet caught up with the Derren Brown: The Specialist show on Channel 4, which was aired on Friday, but I missed it because I went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park (which was brilliant! You can catch my blog post here ).

Blogmas Day 21: Winter Wonderland Hyde Park 2013

Last night Scott and I went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. As Scott put it, going to Winter Wonderland has become our Xmas tradition. No, it is not London Eye.

Blogmas Day 20: A Little Book Lamp: Last minute gift idea for book lovers

It is Blogmas Day 20! Not long now til Xmas! Yay! That also means there aren't that many days left to get your Xmas shopping sorted! I have a last minute gift idea for book lovers! Well, yes, I know, it is a bit random...

Blogmas Day 19: The Mighty Oils: Kiehls and Pai

As we are deeper into the winter, indoor heating is up, our skin getting drier. I have been trying out two famous night facial oils at the moment. They both get high praise from beauty bloggers, but before I tried them, I always wonder which one should I get or is it worth to get both?

Blogmas Day 18: December Birchbox *SPOILER ALERT*

*SPOILER ALERT* If you are waiting for your Birchbox and want to keep the surprise til then, please look away NOW ( only showing the box cover as a teaser, hee hee.. ). Otherwise, please read on.... I have subscribed to Birchbox for a few months now.  I don't normally blog about my box because I can never decide when is a good time to reveal my box. Too early, it will ruin the surprises to other people; too late, the post becomes not relevant anymore. However, since it is Blogmas and I basically document about my December life ( well, mainly my purchases ), so I am doing this quick post as I just received my box yesterday.

Blogmas Day 17: Party on my fingers

Excuse my very short nails and my dry fourth finger (Nothing seems to be working on my dry cuticles at the moment, arrrgh!) The polish is very reflective to light If you don't wear sparkly nails in Xmas, then when? Recently, I have been loving the Maybelline Color Show Brocades in Knitted Gold.

Blogmas Day 16: Too Faced All I Want for Christmas set

When everyone's eye is on Too Faced: A Few of My Favourite Things palette (post here ), I spotted this little box sitting at the corner - Too Faced All I Want for Christmas gift set, exclusive pattern designed by Celebrity Decorator Mary McDonald.

Blogmas Day 15: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

This is it! The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is finally upon us... I have Naked 1 and Naked 2, so Naked 3 is a must to continue my collection.

Blogmas Day 14: Too Faced A Few of My Favourite Things Palette

If you have been reading a couple of beauty blogs, or any beauty blogs in the past few weeks, you won't miss this beautiful palette - Too Faced: A Few of My Favourite Things palette.

Blogmas Day 13: Chanel Xmas Eye Palette in Charming

The ultimate luxury eye palette for daily neutral eyes has to be Chanel’s Xmas Collection Eye Palette in Charming this year.

Blogmas Day 12: Xtra Charger for iPhone

Today's post is about a little gadget that I came across by accident.

Blogmas Day 11: Nails Inc Capsule Colours Collection

Despite I have a whole drawer of nail polishes, I still can't help myself when I saw this glittery box in Boots! It is the Capsule Colours Collection by Nails Inc. It is a Limited Edition set and exclusive to Boots. The set contains 8 Minis and a full size of their Gel Effect Top Coat.

Blogmas Day 10: Rick Stein Live Show 9th December 2013

I couldn't believe it when Rachel Phipps tweeted me to say "Congratulations Georgina! You are the winner of my Rick Stein Live giveaway ! Please email me." I remembered I was crossing a busy road while glancing my down my phone ( I know, I should never do that again ), I was stunned and almost stopped in the middle of the road!

Blogmas Day 9: Office Beauty Essentials

Blogmas Day 9, it's Monday. A fresh start to the working week... boo.. I work in an office, a law firm, it is a real office. Never-ending paperwork, never-ending phone calls... It could be so depressed. I keep a small bunch of essentials by my computer to help me getting through the days.

Blogmas Day 8: Sleeping Aid

With the stress that I have been feeling lately (Check out yesterday's post about my favourite on-the-go Stress Relief Aid ), falling asleep has becoming a problem too. It takes me a long time to fall asleep, and I would wake up in the middle of the night as well. So I have been looking for products that would help my bedtime routine.

Blogmas Day 7 : My favourite Lush Hair/Shower Combo: Lush Rose Jam and Lush Grass

I am a huge shower gel fan, so I always look for new shower gel to try out. In the world of Lush, apart from bath bombs, they have some amazing gels too! My favourite of in the bunch are Grass and Rose Jam.

Blogmas Day 6: On-The-Go Stress Relief Aid

Blogmas Day 6! And it is friday!! Yay!!! I have been quite stressed lately... stressful at work, competing and battling on the trains... (why there seem to be so many more people everywhere recently?!) So I have been looking for some on-the-go stress relief solution to keep me calm whenever I needed. Here are my two current favourites:

Blogmas Day 5: Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm

The rumour IS TRUE! Dior Cream de Rose Lip Balm works magic! It is worth £20 for the decent size pot! For a long time, I was just like all the other beauty bloggers and YouTubers… I have all sorts of lip balms already, do I REALLY need another one? Yes, it's from Dior, but it is £20!! £20 for a lip balm? Really??

Blogmas Day 4: Meeting Lily Pebbles & Anna at Kiehl's Meetup

Last night I went to Kiehl's at Covent Garden to meet Lily Pebbles and Anna . They were hosting an evening at Kiehl's heaven, sharing their all time favourite Kiehl's products.

Blogmas Day 3: Sparkly Trio for Parties

We are in December and the party season has officially started! All the work-do, friends gathering & girls night out must be filling up your diary thick and fast! With the amazing party dress and flawless makeup, you need some extra sparkles to brighten and lift the whole look. Today, I have three different textures of eye/body glitter to make sure you will sparkle in the parties!

Blogmas Day 2: A very Harry Xmas! Visiting the Harry Potter Studio

Yesterday I went to visit the Harry Potter Studio, woo hoo! There is no better way to start off December in Hogwarts with Harry Potter! I am a huge fan of the books (I went queuing up at midnight for the release!!), and I do love the movies too!

Blogmas Day 1: Current Favourite Accent Nail: Essie Stroke of Brilliance & Rimmel Rhythm & Blues

My current favourite accent nail combo is Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate in Rhythm & Blues ( Boots £4.49) and Essie's Winter Limited Edition in Stroke of Brilliance ( Boots £7.99).

(Late) Announcement! First Blogmas on F&B!

After giving some serious thoughts, I decided to do Blogmas this year! That is to blog everyday in December until Xmas.

Xmas 2013 Gift Guide #3: Gifts under £10/ Stocking Fillers/ Gifts for the Tree

This is my 3rd and final post in my Xmas guide series. If you have missed my previous guides, you can click here for my Gift Guide for over £25, and here my 2nd guide for Gifts £25 or under. This post is all about stocking filler, gifts for the tree, secret santa, added extras to a main gift - They are basically gifts £10 under. And yes, there are quite a good selection out there too!!

Xmas 2013 Gift Guide #2: Gifts for £25 or under

Welcome back to my 2nd Xmas Gift Guide in the series. If you miss my first guide, which was gifts over £25, you can click here to catch up. This guide is all about gifts for £25 or under. These are the mid-range gifts that everyone is looking for. I will keep each description brief, otherwise it will be a post that you will never scroll to the end!

Xmas 2013 Gift Guide #1: Gifts over £25

This is the first ever F&B Xmas gift guide! I have planned three guides in this series: Gifts over £25, Gifts £25 or under, and Gift under £10/Stocking Fillers. Today, I start off with the Gifts over £25. I have only picked 5 gifts in this category, as I feel that under the current economical climate, let's be realistic - we are all trying to spend less if possible, but value for money, so for this over £25 guide, I am not going to go crazy here.

Foodie Friday #18: Jamie Oliver Barbecoa at St Paul's, London

November is my birthday month (yay!). If you want to take a look at what I got for my birthday, I have a post about my birthday goodies here , there are more pictures & more birthday goodies on my instagram  as well. And a birthday cannot be complete without a good meal! On a sunday night, Scott took me to Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa - a restaurant that we have been dying to try for ages!! We were just waiting for a good excuse and a good time! The view from our table

Nivea Water Lily & Oil Shower Gel

Weather has turned cold & dry in England. I have been looking for a more moisturising shower gel & stumbled across this Nivea Water Lily & Oil shower gel in Superdrug.

Birthday Goodies 2013

November is my favourite month of the year because the weather gets cooler, I can wear my cozy sweaters & boots & dark nail colours. But more importantly, November is my birthday month! This year, my birthday is kicked off by a packet of goodies  that my sister Cynthy ( @beautyorbread ) sent me from Hong Kong!

Kevyn Aucoin The Iconic Eye Set

During my recent regular weekly visit to Space NK, I found this little Kevyn Aucoin Kit hidden within the Christmas gifting shelves. Why hidden you may ask? The packaging is not particular exciting nor glamourous, the paper sleeve printing is very average. But when I read the content list, it was mind-blowing!

Dior Holiday 2013 Nail Polish : Dorific Vernis No. 993 Minuit

Autumn in England (borderline drop us straight into Winter) has finally upon us. This has definitely put me in the mood of dark nail colours. The latest launch of Dior's Golden Winter (Holiday) Collection 2013 has four nail colours and a bottle of crystal pearls topping. The one I picked up is Dorific Vernis No. 995 Minuit.

Too many people, Too little Palettes: Nars One Night Stand Palette

When I received the dispatched email from Space NK, I was like, "What? Really?? Sure??? Have they got my order mixed up???" At the time when I ordered the Nars One Night Stand palette, the estimated re-stocking time was  1st Dec 2013 . That was why when I got the dispatched email two days later, I couldn't believe my eyes! I felt like I have won the lottery!

Japonesque Cosmetics: New Kid on the Block

I believe people know about the brand Japonesque for their makeup tools - soft brushes, dinky travel brushes set, customisable palettes. But how many of us know Japonesque do cosmetics as well?! They have recently launched their full makeup line exclusively at John Lewis. 

Review & Swatches: Bourjois Colour Edition 24H Cream eyeshadow

Maybelline's Colour Tattoo cream eyeshadows have simply shaken up the beauty world when they came out, and they still remain as one of the favourites amongst bloggers. Bourjois has recently joined the battle and released their own cream eyeshadows - Colour Edition 24Hour Cream Eyeshadow ( Superdrug - £6.99)

Squeaky Clean: Face Exfoliator: Antipodes, dr Brandt and Lush

If you have read my Current Skincare Staples post, you would know that I have combination towards oily skin, deep cleansing products like clay masks & face exfoliator have become my skincare obsession. Recently I have tried a few exfoliators that I really love. They are physical exfoliators, which means they have beads or particles that actually scrub your face. If you have sensitive skin, you should use these products sparsely (once a week or even once every fortnight) and scrub gently.

Current Skincare Staples #1

Last time I shared my Current Makeup Staples , this time it is all about skincare.

Smelling of Red Roses: Jo Malone Red Roses Candle and Diffuser

I love rose scent, and I have always wanting to get my hands on a Jo Malone item. During a random browsing at the Jo Malone counter inside John Lewis, I had finally taken the plunge & made a splurge.

Products that I caved in... #1: Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette & Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

If you are a serious makeup addict like myself, you will have the experience this: you have been refraining from buying a product for some time, because: a) you have already owned similar products multiple times; or b) you have bought so much recently that you are trying to save money; or c) your beauty stash are so overflown into every corner of your room. However, after the same product popping up on different beauty blogs over and over again, you finally convince yourself that it is THE ONE PRODUCT that you NEED, RIGHT NOW! Today, I am going to share with you the products that I bought under the abovementioned scenario.

Xmas 2013: Laura Mercier Christmas 2013 Holiday Colour Collection

While we are still preparing for Halloween, some of the beauty brands have already started to release special gift sets gradually to get us in the mood of Christmas shopping. I have already seen various Benefits special tin collection in John Lewis. Another brand that is doing the same is Laura Mercier.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month : Bobbi Brown French Pink Set

October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And today 13th October is Secondary Breast Cancer Awareness Day . It is a day dedicated to spreading the word about the other side of breast caner, the incurable side. This shows how important it is for all of us to be aware of it, and don't feel embarrassed to talk about it with your GP if you have any concerns or worries. It is also very important that we support the good work that the Breast Cancer Research Foundation have been doing.

Current Makeup Staples #1

Almost every beauty blogger blogs about their monthly favourites each month. I could never do that because when I like something, I tend use the same thing daily for 3 months or longer, that I do not wish to change them. So if I were to do monthly favourite, you would probably see the same things on every month continuously, which won't be very interesting to read. So what I have decided to do is to have a "Current Makeup Staples" series, where I share with you what I have been using for the past several months. I plan to have a post approx every 3 months, that coincides with the change of season, when I tend to switch up my products or discover something new. In this first post, I am going to share with you the products I use every time when I do my makeup, whether it is day or night look, weekday work or weekend casual look.

Winter Dry Skin Saviour: Ruby Red Soothing Body Scrub

With the return of Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, Autumn has officially arrived. Days are getting shorter, leaves are falling, and our skin gets drier. For me, the driest time of the day is after shower, which I have to slap on tons of body lotion or oil. However, I have discovered a body scrub recently that leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturised & it smells gorgeous! I am excited to tell you about Soothing Body Scrub  (£35) by Ruby Red.

"My Lips But Better" Lipsticks: Urban Decay, Benefit, Loreal, Too Faced & MAC

After reading Jen From Head to Toe's MLBB (My Lips But Better) Lipsticks post ( here ), I am inspired to share my own MLBB. I hope this post will be particular useful to my UK readers, as Jen is in America, so not all products she recommends are available in the UK. Jen's Recommendation: NYX Black Label Lipstick in Bling - discontinued Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Fiend Benefit Hydra-Smooth Lip Color in Nice 'n Teasy Maybelline Color Whisper Lipstick in Rose of Attraction - not available in UK Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Spice Spice Baby I am adding two to the list: Loreal Colour Riche Collection Privee in Rosewood Beige by Julianne Moore MAC Lustre in Patisserie

The Pink that Suits You - Bourjois and Dior

When I first started wearing makeup, pink lips & pink blush would be my default colour. Pink is pretty & girly, I thought it was a foolproof colour on everyone. But it is not until when I started looking at drugstore or at any make up counters that I realised there are 50 (and more) shades of pink in this world! I was confused as to how would I know which shades suit me & which shades I should avoid? It made me wonder - what if there is a blush or a lipstick that could cleverly adapt & transform their colour  to suit my skin tone ? I think I have prayed so much that someone must have heard it.

Review & Swatches: Zoeva Graphic Eyes+ Eyeliner

I am not familiar with Zoeva. It is not a brand that get mentioned a lot in the UK beauty blogging world, so I looked up their website. Zoeva Cosmetics is a German brand, founded in 2008 by owner Zoe Bolkou. The brand was started out with a collection of 10 makeup brushes, and one year later they were already shipping to most of the European countries. Their first makeup range was started in 2010.

Review & Swatches: Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream, Cheek to Chic blusher, Airbrush Flawless Finish powder & Makeup Bag

The recent exciting news in the makeup world has to be the launch of Charlotte Tilbury's make up range. You can click here to see me visiting her pre-launch pop up store in Selfridges, and click here to see what I bought at the pop up store. The official launch of the complete range was at 9am on Monday 2nd Sep. Products were launched in her counter at Selfridges, and also the online store on her website.  In order to be the first 100 online customers to get a free sample of Magic Cream, I was by iPhone, staring at the clock since 8.30am on Monday morning I was through at the opening time and my order number was 100000099! By Thursday my parcel arrived!!! Here were my order:

NEW Benefit Boutique at Carnaby Street

Today was just like any Sunday afternoon when my sister Cynthy ( @beautyorbread ) & I went shopping on Oxford Street. We went round Carnaby Street in order to avoid the usual kids & parents crowds outside Hamleys, so glad we did! Otherwise we wouldn't be able to discover the opening of the brand new Benefit Boutique on Carnaby Street!