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Foodie Friday #6 : Breakfasts at Carluccio's and Cote Brasserie

Of all the meals in the day, breakfast is my favourite. To be more specific, a COOKED breakfast is my favourite. Carluccio's and Cote Brasserie are the two nice restaurants at my work area that open at around 8am, early enough for me to have a sit down breakfast before go into my office. (No, not everyday - it is like a treat - on payday, or a friday, or a particularly sunny morning).

Holy Grail Powder : Chantecaille HD Perfecting Powder

Of all the makeup products, I love powder. My skin is combination leaning towards the oily side, so powder is my best friend during the day to mattify and freshen up my face. I have tried a whole loads of powder from different brands: Rimmel Stay Matte, bareMinerals Veil, Benefits Hello Flawless, Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte... as you can see, from very affordable drugstore brand to the high end brand, I got 'em all! There are a few common problems with powder, regardless brand or price: - you put powder on to mattify your face, but it could end up looking too dry - the texture of the powder is not refined enough so end up looking cakey on face - some powder would sit/deposit onto the fine lines on face, especially around the eye area so make lines appears more visible. I was by no mean a makeup artist or skincare expert, but those are the problems that I found from my own experience. However, with a recent visit to SpaceNK in Soho, I have discovered my ho

Round up: J Crew Pop Up Store in Kings Cross, London : 24/25 May 2013

For the past two days, one of the most exciting thing happened in town was the J Crew's pop shop in Kings Cross. The famous fashion brand across the pond was giving us a taster prior to its grand opening on Regent Street in November this year (there will also be a temporary store on Conduit Street in October just round the corner from Regent Street).

Benefits All-Star Kit: The Bronze of Champions

Thanks to Lily Pebbles (@lilypebbles) tip off in Instagram, I went to Boots* to look for the three Iconic Kits from Benefits.

Foodie Friday #5: The Cut Bar at Young Vic Theatre, Waterloo

Having been lived in London for the past 10 years, I have never been to the Young Vic Theater ever. My sister (@beautyorbread) has once told me how good the little restaurant is inside the theatre. But that was a few years back. For some reason, Young Vic was never on my map.

From Egg to Cube: Balmi the Cube

A very quick post  - I saw the Balmi Cubes in Boots today. This is Balmi’s redesign for spring/summer 2013 collection. Apparently it has been launched since April (and exclusively in Tesco since March), but I don’t seem to have seen many coverage online from beauty bloggers (or at least from the ones I read regularly: Fleur de Force, Sprinkle of Glitter, Essie Button, Zoella, to name a few), until I randomly stumbled across in Boots today.

Sneak Peak: Chanel Summer Collection 2013

Guys, I have a real treat for you today. 

Foodie Friday #4: Mishkin's at Covent Garden

Thank you Essie Button for mentioning this Jewish Deli in one of her vlog.  In her vlog, Essie excitedly said "I cannot get enough of its menu!!". I thought, "Wow, it's a pretty big statement for a cafe/restaurant!" I was intrigued. So my sister Cynthy (@beautyorbread) and I decided to check it out and went there for lunch.

Owning a piece of uniqueness: DearBell Handmade Accessories, Hong Kong

When I was in Hong Kong early this year, I met up with my friend Jenny for a drink in the mid-level area of Central. We had a random stroll and I was attracted to a window display that were full of accessories and flowers - I push-opened the glass door and I stepped into the world of DearBell Handmade Accessories.

Foodie Friday #3 : Chop Chop Noodle Bar at Shepherds Bush

I love going shopping at Shepherds Bush Westfield. Everytime I go, I always get a bite to eat there - so many restaurant to choose from and there are never-ending choices in the food court. But most of the time, I look for a cheaper alternative - Chop Chop Noodle Bar next to Shepherds Bush station.

Foodie Friday #2 : Jamie's Italian at Shepherds Bush Westfield

Jamie Oliver is probably one of my favourite TV chef. I started watching his cookery shows since Naked Chef, and watched almost every single shows after that - from the straight forward cookery show to the more documentary series of training young chefs and revolutionising school dinners. Jamie's restaurants empire is growing in England, and they are about everywhere, even at the airports.