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Foodie Friday #20 : Top 3 dishes from Bill’s Spring Menu (Mother’s Day Lunch idea)

Bills, Ealing Branch (28-30 New Broadway, Ealing) Last week Bill’s Café & Restaurant has just launched their Spring menu, so I had been into the Ealing branch to try out a few. (A big hello to the lovely waitress Justina! She is a gem!)  Some old favourites are staying, like Bill’s Burger, Fish Finger Sandwiches, Marinated Chicken Skewers. There are also some new dishes. Three dishes on the menu have caught my eyes.

Easing into Orange Lips – YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #16

Orange lips is a trend that comes back year after year when the weather get warmer. However, if you are like me, who is not yet brave enough to wear a bold bright orange lips but still want to enjoy the trend, I have found a perfect starter shade for you – YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in No 16 Orange Impertinent.

Sephora US Online Haul and My Ordering Experience

The recent hype in the British beauty blogging world has to be Sephora US is finally shipping to England! Yay! Although there are lots of restrictions of what can or cannot be shipped  (like can’t ship nail polishes, perfumes and a handful of specific brands), it still opens up a whole new world of products that we British beauty bloggers can only dream about, unless we get on a plane and hop across the pond. This post I want to share my ordering experience and of course what I bought!

Royal Blue Half Wedges that You can RUN in

No, I am not a fashionista. My dress code is easy & comfy. I have no patience to queue up & fight for changing rooms in shops, so I love getting shoes, accessories and handbags to update my outfits. As shoes go, comfy and able to walk in are the keys, as my journey to work involves quite a bit of walking (one section is a 10 mins walk). Most nice looking pairs just don’t do the job. But recently I saw this beautiful pair of wedges from Marks and Spencer that just tick all the boxes!!

From Day to Evening: 5 mins makeup freshen up

How do you freshen up your make up if you need to go out straight after work? In the past, I had been dusting powder all across my face, and topped up a bit of blusher and lipstick. But my skin was not happy, my face would feel dirty and blocked that it couldn’t breath. Not until recently a skincare expert told me that told me that I really should take my makeup all off and re-apply if I need to go out in the evening. But how am I going to do it when I am at work or out and about all day? It sounds such a hassle!! However, I have finally found my tricks so I am going to share with you today. It’s all about organisation and I generally carry quite a few of the products in my handbag daily anyway.

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift 3-in-1 Pencil

I have natural thick brows so it doesn’t take me much time to fill them in. In fact on lazy days like the weekends, I could just brush through with a tinted gel and I am good to go. However, I do really enjoy filling in my brows, I found the process very therapeutic (odd, I know!). I normally use a matte dark brown eyeshadow and a small angled brush. Recently, I have started using Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Lift pencil, and I am loving it!!

Foodie Friday #19 : Lunch at The River Café, London

End of February was Scott’s birthday. Instead of giving a present, we would arrange something to do together, either a short getaway or a special restaurant that we want to try. This year, I arranged to have lunch at the legendary River Café!

Dior Trianon DiorBlush in Pink Reverie

I cannot believe it is March already! The London weather is still deciding its mind as to whether to let Spring arrives or not.. One day it is sunny with blue sky, the next day it is grey, wet and windy, but I am unconsciously changing my makeup to more Spring like. At the very least, I am more drawn towards lighter colours nails (see my posts here  and here for my favourite transitional nudes at the moment). When had a 25% off on everything in late February, I had a random browse and saw Dior’s Trianon DiorBlush was still available! With the 25% off discount code, I could not pass up the chance to buy it! The Trianon collection is Dior’s Spring 2014 edition. It was released in mid-January. There are two blushes in the collection: 763 Corail Bagatelle and 946 Pink Reverie.