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Tuesday means... Steak night at Wetherspoon!

"Are you serious?" I know what you are thinking. Wetherspoon pubs have revamped their menu and food quality, but the price has stayed low.

Foodie Friday #1 : Wasabi Popcorns from Pret a Manger

I have decided to start a regular feature here called "Foodie Friday" as it is supposed to be a food and beauty blog, but it has been dominated by beauty posts. In Foodie Friday, I want to share with you any great dishes that I have had in the past week, or great restaurants/bars/pubs/cafes that I have been to as I love eating out, especially on a Friday night.

My Long Lasting Makeup Products - Part 2

Back from your cup of tea? Let's continue with my long last makeup product list, shall we?

My Long Lasting Makeup Products - Part 1

I don't know about other people, but my face doesn't seem to hold on to my makeup that well. I have combination skin in general but very oily eye lids, so no eye shadows would stay on. I normally put my makeup on at around 7.30am in the morning, then off to work. By about 11-12noon, most of my makeup will have melted and I would look like I never put any makeup on in the first place. I just don't have the time and energy to pop to the ladies to top up my face every few minutes. So any products that says "long lasting up to 16 hours" would really appeal to me.

Lunch at Brasserie Blanc, Covent Garden

Sunny Saturday! Is spring finally upon us? To celebrate this sunny Saturday, Scott and I had pushed the boat out a little, we went to have lunch at Brasserie Blanc at the heart of Covent Garden.

My Mini Spa Routine at my gym

Today I want to share with you my gym/ mini spa routine.