Tuesday means... Steak night at Wetherspoon!

"Are you serious?" I know what you are thinking.

Wetherspoon pubs have revamped their menu and food quality, but the price has stayed low.

For £7.99 you get an 8oz Sirloin/Rump steak with sides AND a pint (or a glass or wine or a mixer)! You can get extras like sauces or onion rings (or both as a combo) for an extra £1!

There are other choices like full rack of BBQ ribs , chicken melt, gammon with eggs if you don't fancy steaks.

My favourite are sirloin with peppercorn sauce. The steak is good quality, chips are crunchy and always freshly fried! Always served pipping hot!

Tuesday steak night has quickly become my family ritual.

If you fancy a lazy non-cooking night and love a good old steak and chips, why not pop down to your local Wetherspoon pub? Have a good night without breaking your bank!