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Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask

All these years it is common sense that sheet masks are soaking wet with serum and to be disposed after each use. Hence I couldn't get my head round that the new Charlotte Tilbury's sheet mask is DRY and can be RESUED up to 3 times?!

Charlotte Tilbury's new Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is completely dry. No sloppy wetness nor greasy oils. All the serum/oil goodness must be inter-woven into the papery fabric of the mask.

The mask material had a bit of elasticity to it so it moulded to my face shape really well. It had four ear loops to hook the mask to ears so that it was very secure on my face, which meant I could carry on with housework without worrying the mask might fall off. And I do wear glasses at home so there isn't any moisture to steam up my glasses. Huge bonus! 
Before using the mask

After using the mask

After using the mask - it has a glow and sheen on face
After 15 mins I took the mask off, no wet messiness. I just folded the mask neatly and put it back to the re-sealable packaging for my next use. No residue on my face to massage in or wash off. I felt that the oils was diffused into my skin. My skin was left with a visible glow and healthy sheen.

The mask is surprising comfortable to wear! It does take a little while to get used to the feel that putting on a dry sheet that feels like it has nothing on it... But with the end results, you will convince by it that the mask has done something good to your skin.

This dry mask is truly revolutionary! I feel that dry mask is the way to go. This dry sheet mask is particularly great for busy mums who won't have time to sit down for 15mins. Wear this dry mask and they can carry on with housework and looking after the kids.

The Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask is priced at £60 for a box of 4 masks (i.e up to 12 uses), or £18 for a single sheet (up to 3 uses) if you want to give it a little go.

- £60 a pack of 4/ £18 a pc 


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