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My New Kikki K Planner and Shipping Experience

If you have read this post , you should know that I have been obsessed with planners and all related stationeries and accessories. The planner I am currently using is the Moleskine Monthly Notebook. However, with all the new planners videos that I have discovered on YouTube, I was desperate to have either an Erin Condren planner or a Kikki K planner . At the end, I chose Kikki K because I like to carry my planner with me everywhere, whereas Erin Condren is more of a desktop planner as it is quite big in size. It took 3 weeks for it to be shipped from Australia to the UK, but it is worth the wait!

SPOILER ALERT – What’s in March My Little SuperBox

The theme of March My Little Box is “every woman is a SUPER HERO in our own way”. So the contents of the box is designed to pamper effectively so we can get through each day fresh and full of energy, hence the name “My Little SuperBox”! Inside My Little Superbox, we have:

So Susan Lip Love Subscription

The latest contender to the UK beauty subscription is So Susan’s Lip Love Subscription. Up to now, all beauty boxes feature a mix of skincare and makeup products (with My Little box throws in lifestyle items to the mix), but there isn’t one that focus on one particular area. So Susan Lip Love stands out in the crowd by focusing on-trend lip products every month. Each month you get 4 items - 3 of them are lip products plus 1 for the rest of the face. You might think, “all lip products? Do I really need more lipsticks each month?!” BUT, So Susan put clever twists on their products, these lipsticks are meant to be multi-tasking. Their launch bag, February 2015 is full of fabulous goodies that every makeup addict will love!

#PlanWithGeorgina : Introduction to Planners

Today's post is something a bit different...