About Me

Hello! It's Georgina here.

I was originally from Hong Kong, then moved to England when I was 18.

I am a legal cashier of a busy law firm in Richmond, Surrey. When I am not working (that includes my lunch hour), I like to go shopping. I don't always buy, but I love browsing in shops, checking out and looking for new things.

I love beauty products and enjoy eating out, those are the two main areas I want to share, so I have come up the name  - "Forks and Brushes".

I am also a self confess planner/stationery/stickers addict too! So you will find some stationery related posts from time to time.

You can find me on:

Twitter @forksandbrushes,
Instagram @forksandbrushes and
SnapChat @geroginadepear

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and thank you for your support.

Georgina x

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