Real Techniques PowderBleu Soft Powder Brush

I have just got my hands on the Real Techniques newPowderBleu Collection brush!

“Powder”- the collection is purposefully designed for powder application. 
“Bleu” – The brushes use the FauxBleu Technology so that the synthetic bristles performs as well as the prestigious blue squirrel hair brushes.

There are 5 brushes and a puff in the collection. Price range from £12 (the Powder puff) to £25 (Kabuki brush).  

I bought just one brush from the collection - 01 Soft Powder brush (£22), as they are not cheap at all for a drugstore brand. Nonetheless, I am pleased to say that the high price tag does reflect the luxurious quality of the brush.

The tapered brush is just soooooo soft! I couldn’t help but just keep running my fingers through the bristles. It is possibly the closest soft feeling to the “out-of-this-world” (both the feel and the price) Suqqu Cheek brush.

The bristles are synthetic that means the brush is really easy to clean, and more importantly quick drying time! The bristles are light and fluffy that they pick up thin layer of powder, no need to worry about "cakey-ness".

The deep royal blue colour is stunning! However, the clever deisgn detail comes from the handle - it is the rectangle-shaped handle so that it will stay still and won't be rolling off from dressing tables!There is also a bit of a weight to the handle for the added quality feel to the brush.

Size comparison- (left) PowderBleu Soft Powder brush (right) Sigma Tapered Face brush F25

I am very happy with my purchase. I am planning to get the Soft Finishing brush (for blushes) and the Soft Shadow Brush next!  

Shop the collection exclusive at Boots here