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Etsy Stickers Haul part 1 (and shipping to UK experience)

With my crazy obsession with planners lately, I HAVE TO get some stickers!! I do have some stickers already but they are more for decorative purpose. I wanted to get some that are specialised for planners – page flags, To-Do list, Weekend banners and icons for appointments. Lots of planner girls on YouTube or blog always talk about shops on Etsy, so I decided give it another go. (I used Etsy once years ago, the person I ordered from was not good at all, after lots of complaint emails back & forth, I finally got the refund, and since then I’d never looked on Etsy again). This time I started off with shops that people mentioned time and time again on YouTube and blogs. Most of the shop owners design their own stickers!! I was jaw dropped by how talented these people are!! This is just the part 1 of my haul because some of the stuff haven’t arrived yet. At the end of this post, I also want to talk a little about the shipping experience. So let’s jump right in!

Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar

I was ecstatic when I received this surprise lipstick from +Cynthy Chui  . How could a lipstick reinvent itself and be exciting? The Koreans seem to have endless creativity in recent years. The latest lip trend is what the Korean called “petal lips” – using two colours to create a gradient effect, lips look more 3D and have the “just bitten” attractiveness to them.  But instead of putting on two lipsticks one after another, any other easier way to achieve this effect? The latest renovation is Laneige’s Two Tone Lip Bar. Laneige has cleverly created this two-tone lipstick – one swipe will give the gradient lip effect instantly!

SPOILER ALERT - What in my April Little Dream Box

Woo hoo! It’s time of the month again to share with you the latest My Little Box. The theme of April is about daydreaming… Could be just no purpose daydreaming… or it could be daydreaming our dream life and we should go out to get it! In April’s My Little Dream Box, we have:

#PlanWithGeorgina : Have you joined the #ListersGottaList challenge?

I have!  This challenge is hosted by Cori from The Rest Girl . Cori is a brilliant crafter. Her work is super fun & creative , I am obsessed with her YouTube channel . She just let her camera roll during her project, so that the viewers can see her creative process from the start to finish.  Cori was inspired by #30daysoflists challenge and she is now hosting her own list! The idea is: there is a prompt everyday, you list out your answers, and go wild to decorate your page! The prompts are designed to reflect / capture the moments of life. You can download the list FREE . Although it is one per day prompt, don't feel pressure to do it everyday! It's perfectly ok to be days behind or to skip a day, or just treat this as a craft project on any time scale!

#PlanWithGeorgina: Where to get planner supplies in London UK?

As my planner obsession grows, I now spend my free time to go looking for washi tapes rather than lipsticks. In the UK, card making community is much larger than planner decorations. Cute washi tapes and cute stickers are lacking. The most obvious places to go would be Hobby Craft, WH Smiths, Paperchase and stationery section of department stores, or order online from Etsy. However, I just prefer to hold the stuff in hand rather than looking online. I have found a few more options apart from the obvious mentioned above.