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Etsy Stickers Haul part 1 (and shipping to UK experience)

With my crazy obsession with planners lately, I HAVE TO get some stickers!! I do have some stickers already but they are more for decorative purpose. I wanted to get some that are specialised for planners – page flags, To-Do list, Weekend banners and icons for appointments. Lots of planner girls on YouTube or blog always talk about shops on Etsy, so I decided give it another go. (I used Etsy once years ago, the person I ordered from was not good at all, after lots of complaint emails back & forth, I finally got the refund, and since then I’d never looked on Etsy again).

This time I started off with shops that people mentioned time and time again on YouTube and blogs. Most of the shop owners design their own stickers!! I was jaw dropped by how talented these people are!! This is just the part 1 of my haul because some of the stuff haven’t arrived yet. At the end of this post, I also want to talk a little about the shipping experience. So let’s jump right in!

I was very lucky to start on Etsy search in time, because Jackie is now on holiday for two months, will be back in June 2015. It is obvious that I was attracted by her large collection of macaroon themed stickers!!! If any time I struggle with a theme, cute macaroon is the way to go! All year around! I also bought two sheets of makeup themed stickers.. They are for collection purpose only, I don’t think I would ever want to use them, they are too cute!

Tesia from Sweet Kawaii Design has done of cute stickers. Look at the trash cans with big cute cartoon eyes! It makes taking the trash out become a fun thing to do! I haven’t been to my local library for ages, but when I saw those cute little “Book Due” stickers, I couldn’t help myself, and I need to start making trips to library more often from now!

If you are serious about planners, you should go to follow Kayla’s YouTube channel. Her weekly Plan with Me videos are amazing! I can relate to her a lot because she makes her weekly spread fun and colour yet functional. Her shop is probably the biggest of all, she designs everything herself and her collection is huge! Her shop is almost like a one-stop shop for planner addicts of all levels! As a beginner, you can have everything you need to kick start this never-ending hobby; for a seasoned planner, Oh Hello has tons of special themed stickers and there are always new designs popping up. Oh Hello also has a monthly subscription service too! I haven’t tried it yet but I am definitely tempted!

Etsy shipping to UK

This planner stickers community seem to be dominant in the US, so all these shops that I mentioned are based in the US. Some of them don’t but a majority of them do ship internationally. 

When ordering from US, you firstly should expect the shipping costs would be high . The shipping cost do varies a lot, tracking or not tracking makes a difference too! So don't be surprised for a few sheet of stickers, one could cost £3 whereas others cost £6 or higher. 

Apart from shipping costs, waiting time is another key factor. Most shop owners run Etsy along with their full time job or school, stickers are often made to order so it takes time to get the order made. The shipping time itself (with USPS generally) takes around 10 days, some are even longer. So please be patient (be patient Georgina!)

As I said earlier, I am still waiting more of my orders to come through. When I received them, haul part 2 will be up!


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