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Etsy Stickers Haul 3 and Stickers on the go tips

I admit that I am having a problem with stickers and Etsy, I just can't stop looking and buying them! You can see what I bought here and here , and I have bought even more!!! And at the end of this haul, I also want to share how I am taking the stickers with me in my Filofax.

YSL Volupte Tint in Oil

YSL Volupte Tint in Oil came to my attention because one of my favourite Hong Kong YouTuber Elizabeth Yeung mentioned it too many times in her regular videos and vlogs, so I had to see for myself. And I am so glad that I have! These (yes, plural, because I bought two!) have swiftly become my new favourite lip product!

SPOILER ALERT – What’ in My May Little Provence Box

With May’s My Little Box we are experiencing the South of France without leaving the country and we can dream our summer away... 

Foodie Friday #24 : WA Cafe, Ealing, West London

WA Cafe is not any cafe, it is a Japanese patisserie. WA is an independent cafe and have their own bakery on-site to make cakes and buns freshly everyday.

Filofax Personal Willow Planner Set Up 2015

I was quite happy with my Moleskine Monthly set up . However, as my Notes sections grows, I started to think a ring binder system would suit better so that I wouldn’t have to worry about transferring notes from diary to dairy each year. I tried using my Kikki K Dark Mint Medium , which is so beautiful. The problem with that (for me right now anyway) is that Kikki K is a bit too big and bulky for my summer handbags as I tend to carry a smaller bag in summer. The solution came when I had a random browse in Ryman Stationeries the other day and I saw their Filofax series were on sale!  So I picked up the Personal size in Willow right away as it was reduced from £30 to £20, with all the inserts included!! Filofax Personal Planner is slimmer than a Kikki K Medium as the rings in Filofax are smaller. It’s the maximum thickness for me in the summer. I want to share with you of how I set mine up. Hopefully you might find a few tips and tricks that would help you to organise your planner.

Etsy Stickers Haul Part 2 (and Affordable Stickers Organiser/Storage)

This is the second part of my recent stickers haul on Etsy. First batch of my stickers arrived last week , and the rest arrived this week!