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Paper Library : Marks and Spencer’s Stationery Department

Marks and Spencer is known for their pretty yet affordable greeting cards and beautiful wrapping papers, but did you know that they have a proper stationery department too? I certainly don’t! Not until I came across it at Westfield White City.

(It’s Probably) The only UK planner stickers shop on Etsy – EllieBeth Designs UK [UPDATED]

[ UPDATE: As from 5th Oct 2016, EllieBeth Design UK is no longer on Etsy but has launched her own website ! With a bigger collection of stickers and other goodies too!  ] As a planner addict, Etsy is THE place to go (online) to buy all washi tapes and stickers. Tons of shops are selling all sorts of designs and colours, never short of choices. However, the problem for me is that I live in the UK, and 99% of these Etsy shops are in America. Despite each sticker sheet is priced reasonably, the total often shoots up when adding the shipping costs on, which to me, it makes every order just a bit too expensive. And of course it’s the time that it takes from the ordering date to the date the stickers actually arrives, the whole process probably takes about 4 weeks (2 weeks production and 2 weeks shipping). Like now although it is only the beginning of July, I have already placed orders for August Kits (ideally September Kits too), because if I order any July