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My Mini Spa Routine at my gym

Today I want to share with you my gym/ mini spa routine.

I must admit I am not a gym person, I am just too lazy with it. But as I get older, I do realise that healthy diet and a bit of exercise is the only way to go forward in order to keep myself looking reasonably good.

I am lucky enough that my local gym has a swimming pool, steam room and a sauna room. I only have time to go to gym at the weekends but unfortunately the swimming pool is a no-go area at the weekends as too many kids are having swimming lessons. So I turn my attention to the steam room, and I thought "how can I fully utilise the steam? Ah! Facials! Hair treatment!!"

Yes, it may be a bit awkward to sit in the steam room with a full face of white mask, but trust me, once you break your confidence barrier and done it once, you will not care of what other people think anymore.

Let me take you through my routine and show you the products that I use...

1 - No. 7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask

This is the face mask that I use at the moment as nothing better that deep cleansing while pores are opened in the hot steam. I didn't like this mask when I first used it at home, as when I take it off, it leaves a thin layer of oil on my face, which I didn't find it nice at all. But I completely change my opinion when I use it in the steam room. It is a thick cream texture, which is great, that means it will stay on your face and won't run down to your neck. When you put it on, it warms up slightly to help open up your pores. It has some fine exfoliating grain in it. That is the best thing about this mask - as you wash your mask off in the shower later, massage it on your face to exfoliate. The thin layer of oil that left behind will keep your face moisturise throughout your shower.

2 - Scott's Home-made Multi-purpose balm

This balm is made by boyfriend Scott (yes, a guy who loves making homemade balm in his pare time) His balm is amazingly wonderful. It is 100% organic, with all the goodness you can think of in this little jar - Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, chamomile oil, vitamin E etc... It is a thick balm that you take a little out, warm it between your hands, the balm will just melt nicely and I rub it from mid-length to my hair tips.
Because of the amazing natural oils in the balm, you can use it on your face, body, hands as well, it is particularly good to sooth dry patches on body.
Another way I use this balm is to put a thin layer on my face at night before I go to bed, let all the goodness absorbed to my skin overnight, I wake up with the softest skin in the morning. I will also scoop a little bit into a small empty jar, put it in my handbag as a hand cream, it works wonders in this never-ending winter.
Scott is just making this balm at home so you can't buy it anywhere. However if you are interested, drop me an email or contact me on twitter and I will see what I can do.

After some time on the steam room, I go shower to take off my mask and my hair balm, I shampoo, conditioning and shower as normal.

3 - Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil

When I came out the shower, I will put the Nuxe oil on my face. Give it time to sink in before putting on moisturiser. I don't think I need to say much about the Nuxe oil, this multi-usage oil is famous for its nourishing and repairing qualities, it smells amazing too! It is now widely available in Marks and Spencer throughout the country.

4 - Aussie Curl Definition serum

While I am letting my Nuxe oil to sink into my face, I dry my hair and massage in this Aussie serum. I cannot even count how many bottles of this serum I have been through. I have long curly and easily frizzed hair. I have tried tons of leave in conditioners and serums, this Aussie serum by far works the best on my hair - it holds my curls so nicely, and take away all the frizz. This is probably the hair product that I can't live without! I always stock up whenever there are offers in Boots or Superdrug. With this in, I blow dry my hair.

5 - Nuxe Creme Prodigieuse Moisturizer

Now my hair is dry, the Nuxe oil has sunk in, I put on my moisturizer - another Nuxe one. This day cream is packed with anti-oxidant ingredient. It is just a very nice day cream, especially in winter months.

6 - Nuxe Reve de Miel hand and nail cream

One of the last thing to do is to apply hand cream. Any hand cream will do, but here I have another Nuxe one (I bought a Nuxe travel set, that's why).

7 - Scott's Home-made lip balm

Now I am all ready to leave the gym. Just before I leave, I will put some lip balm on. The lip balm I have at the moment is another Scott's homemade skincare product. This lip balm is also packed with lip moisturising ingredients like Shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E. It moisturizes and gives a nice sheen to the lips. The flavour I am using is coconut macroon, other delicious flavours includes lemon cheesecake and earl grey tea.

The steam room with these products I feel like having a mini spa without the big price tag. I am loving the gym now!

What do you use when you are at the gym?


  1. I think I'd like to know more about Scott's homemade skincare! x

    1. oh wow!! Thanks!!! shall I PM you for more details?


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