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Foodie Friday #6 : Breakfasts at Carluccio's and Cote Brasserie

Of all the meals in the day, breakfast is my favourite. To be more specific, a COOKED breakfast is my favourite.

Carluccio's and Cote Brasserie are the two nice restaurants at my work area that open at around 8am, early enough for me to have a sit down breakfast before go into my office. (No, not everyday - it is like a treat - on payday, or a friday, or a particularly sunny morning).

Carluccio's Colazione Magnifica - £9.75 (coffee and fresh juice included)

This breakfast has:
Scramble eggs - so nice and buttery with chives
Mushrooms - super nice and buttery with parsley - it is the star of the dish
Toast - half is under the eggs, and the other half is under the mushrooms - the mushroom half is super tasty because it absorbs all the cooking oil and juices from the mushrooms
Pancetta - something different to the normal bacon and sausages, crispy is the word.
Light grilled half tomato
Also including your choice of coffee and juice (apple or orange)

I love this breakfast a lot - for around £10, you get everything, including a big glass of fresh juice! Yes, it doesn't have the traditional sausages nor beans, but it is a clean and tasty dish. The decor of Carluccio's is blue and white, big glass windows, airy and bright. It is a relaxing weekend breakfast to enjoy.

Cote Brasserie Full English - £7.50 Breakfast alone, Coffee and Juice are not included.

French Brasserie serving traditional English breakfast

This breakfast has:
Scramble eggs - buttery with chives
Mushrooms - very nicely sauteed in butter and herbs
Sausage - You can taste the sausage is very good quality & grilled perfectly - this is the star of the dish
Bacons - they are ok, a little bit dry sometimes
Grilled tomatoes
Toasts - white or brown of your choice, served on the side with butter and a selection of jams

Cote Brasserie has a glamourous decor. Everytime I go there, I feel like I am on holiday in Paris, having breakfast in a very grand hotel. The presentation of the breakfast with all the bits and pieces like jams, little milk jug, tap water in a fancy bottle, all added to the glam.

So they are two different choices from your local greasy spoons or cafes. Will you go out for a cooked breakfast this weekend?

P.S. I am a fan to local independent cafes, but there isn't any independent cafes near my office that does nice cooked breakfast.


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