Owning a piece of uniqueness: DearBell Handmade Accessories, Hong Kong

When I was in Hong Kong early this year, I met up with my friend Jenny for a drink in the mid-level area of Central. We had a random stroll and I was attracted to a window display that were full of accessories and flowers - I push-opened the glass door and I stepped into the world of DearBell Handmade Accessories.

(This photo is from DearBell website)

The shop was covered in walls of necklaces. Their style was statement necklaces as they all had a main centre piece charm (roses, hearts, a clusters of beads or pearls etc), the necklace section were mostly made with at least two chains of different materials (silver chain with a string of pearls, a string of pearls with a line of crystals). At the corner of each wall of necklace collections, there would always be a tag that said "these necklaces can be worn in 54 ways, please ask a member of staff for demo". Er?

The accent wall in DearBell was definitely the wall with miniature perfume bottle necklaces. They were REAL miniature perfume bottles that you could get in department stores or duty free shop. I have never ever seen anything like this before! The perfumes were all the most well known brands. I have chosen Vera Wang's Princess as I tried it on, the style suited me the most. The most rare and valuable necklace was the one with Chanel No 5 perfume bottle, as the mini perfume was not readily available.

Because of the clever use of clasps and hooks, their necklaces can be worn in multiple ways. Take mine one for example, I can wear it as a long necklace. I can double up the chain and the crystals to make it as a short necklace. Or I can take the chain part off and wear the crystal short necklace on its own, and the chain can be worn as a bracelet. Their other designs have even more movable parts to be worn in different styles.

As each necklace is handmade, you can customise your design - say if you can change gold clasps into silver ones, you may prefer pearls rather than crystals etc. The possibility are endless.
Apart from necklaces, DearBell also made bespoke rings and brooches.

All the designs are available from their online shop, and they ship internationally.

If you do have a chance to be in Hong Kong, this is a shop not to be missed!!

DearBell website: http://www.dearbell.com/index.php?lang=eng
Miniature Perfume Bottle necklaces: http://www.dearbell.com/necklace.php?category=incense