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Foodie Friday #5: The Cut Bar at Young Vic Theatre, Waterloo

Having been lived in London for the past 10 years, I have never been to the Young Vic Theater ever. My sister (@beautyorbread) has once told me how good the little restaurant is inside the theatre. But that was a few years back. For some reason, Young Vic was never on my map.
Until one Saturday late afternoon after Scott and I came back from his nephew's 8th birthday party, we got off the train at Waterloo station , wanted a good pint and a quick bite before going home, Young Vic suddenly popped into my mind.

We walked in and it was quiet, most tables were empty. But when we looked closer... reserved... reserved... reserved... . The waiter pointed to the little table by the door "I am sorry, that's the only free table we got left, all the others are reserved".

We sat down, ordered two pints of Kirin. The beers were so fresh, just what we needed after an afternoon with 10 eight years old boys running round inside a bowling alley.

We looked at the menu and we both chose the soft shell crab burger. My sister told me about this burger before. I love soft shell crab but never had this as a burger, never seen it in any other burger restaurants either.

When our burgers came, they were big! A whole crab inside! The crab was cooked in garlic and butter, then into the slightly toasted bun, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. The combination was simple but perfectly heavenly.... If you lot out there like seafood, especially seafood cooked in garlic butter, YOU.WILL.LOVE.THIS.

Note of warning - If you are hungry, bad news - this burger is not going to fill you up. But the good news is, you will have room for desserts! We were just looking to have a quick bite so this was a good size.

While we were eating, people started flooding in... People who didn't have bookings sadly got turned away.

After the meal, we went up the stairs to have a snoop round - there was another bar upstairs and a terrace area for drinks! Mental note has made that I will definitely be coming back when the weather gets warmer.

Next time when you find yourself at Waterloo, apart from the obvious choice to walk to the South Bank, go and check out Young Vic!


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