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Round up: J Crew Pop Up Store in Kings Cross, London : 24/25 May 2013

For the past two days, one of the most exciting thing happened in town was the J Crew's pop shop in Kings Cross. The famous fashion brand across the pond was giving us a taster prior to its grand opening on Regent Street in November this year (there will also be a temporary store on Conduit Street in October just round the corner from Regent Street).

I went there on 24th Friday evening. The weather was grey, wet and miserable, the walk from Kings Cross station to Central Saint Martins was not pleasant. But this had not dampened my excitement to visit the pop up store.

As I finally arrived, I was welcomed by an eye-catching red "hi" in the shop window, "Hello London!".

It was described as a pop up "store" in all press release. Yes, there were items for you to buy. They displayed a range of coloured and patterned tops and cardigans (the softest softest cashmere cardigan ever!!), they were there for you to buy on the day if you could accept the heft price tag (from £190 upwards). 

But for the main part of this pop up "store", it was a gallery, with lots of manikins to display their autumn/winter 2013 collection for women, men and children.

You just had to take a moment to take it all in, and had to admire how detailed and delicate of some of the pieces were! (But I dread to think how expensive they will be...)

Apart from clothes, J Crew had a cabinet displaying some of the most beautifully crafted custom design collars. They were all so delicate and unique. I saw one with a tag of £240. I think that was not the most expensive piece in the cabinet.

The pop up store is closed now (and what a shame it was to be just here for 48 hours!). But to get you ahead of the game, their UK online store is opened! 


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