Blogmas Day 12: Xtra Charger for iPhone

Today's post is about a little gadget that I came across by accident.

My mum was complaining about how the battery of her iPhone only lasts til midday, so I said I would look for an external battery for her. But the problem is most of the external batteries that I have seen are either cheap in price but too bulky in size, or it looks pretty but too expensive. The popular Juice Cube comes in pretty colours indeed, but £25 is a little bit too much I think... Anyway, there is a Menkind gadget shop newly opened near my work, so at one lunch time I went in to have a quick look, and I saw this little charger in the glass cabinet...
It is so thin and tiny. Very sleek looking. It's just the size of my palm, really slim and compact to fit in a small handbag.

When you press the heart shaped button on the front, the blue indicator shows you how much power it got left.
At the same time, the little bulb on the side will light up too, so it is doubling up as a handy torch!
Inside the box, it comes with an USB cable and a range of adaptors for different devices, so you can swap in and out the adaptors to charge all your iPhone, Samsung phone, Kindle... etc. The battery will give one charge to your iPhone.

I wish that it comes in more colours, or at least has a white one. But for the price of £19.99, it is really good value! It may not look as colourful or attractive as the Juice Cube, but I think it is a good, straight forward, no fuss gadget!

Xtra Phone Charge - Menkind - £19.99