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Blogmas Day 5: Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm

The rumour IS TRUE! Dior Cream de Rose Lip Balm works magic! It is worth £20 for the decent size pot!

For a long time, I was just like all the other beauty bloggers and YouTubers… I have all sorts of lip balms already, do I REALLY need another one? Yes, it's from Dior, but it is £20!! £20 for a lip balm? Really??

The final straw came when Essie Button and Amarixe both mentioned it in their November favourites. They both had the same thoughts like mine, "really? another lip balm? How magical can that be?" They cracked and bought and tried and hooked on it!!! I was like "right, I am going to bite the bullet and give it a go too!" (er… with my £5 off birthday discount from Yes, it's a god sent signal!)

It arrived in the post pretty quickly. The pot was actually bigger than I thought (even tho I have seen it in on display at Dior's counter). The balm was pale pink in a simple but beautiful white pot. Inside the little instruction booklet it says it could be used as a lip treatment at night if applied a thick layer. So I waited the whole day and put it on before I went to bed…. OOOoooooo… It was kinda a vaseline based texture, but all I can describe is… It is much creamier than Vaseline, it's a Creamy-Vaseline - more creamy, less petroleum. It must be this creaminess that makes the balm really absorbed into my lips, rather than just sitting on top. The rose scent is very light, the scent evaporates quite soon afterwards. If you don't like heavily scented balm, you will find this very easy to wear.

So yes, the rumour is true - Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm is magical and is definitely worth the hype. I will keep repurchasing it - I now wish Dior will have some limited edition packaging for it, I will be first in the line!!

Have you tried this lip balm before?

Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm - - £20


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