Blogmas Day 24: Christmas Eve Flight to Hong Kong

It is Blogmas Day 24!! Christmas Eve!!
When I first thought about doing Blogmas, it seemed such a challenging idea and I was thinking "will I be able to do it?" Coming up with a topic daily and actually getting down to do it are very different. But here we are!! The end is in sight! My last blogmas post will be tomorrow on Christmas Day.

Anyway, I am travelling to Hong Kong for my three weeks holiday. Hong Kong is where I am from, so I am going home, and I am really excited!!!
For a beauty blog, the most interesting bit would be what I am taking in my makeup bag! I have my Anya Hindmarch makeup case, and a clear case for all my liquidy stuff. I am not going to list out every single item. But do leave a comment if you want to know any specific products.
What I like about the Anya Hindmarch case is that it has a special section for all the brushes. I can hold all of my brushes in the holders neatly & tidily. These are all the brushes that I use daily. I am taking them all with me because when travelling, it is more likely to buy eyeshadows, lipsticks, but less likely to buy brushes.
Inside the main compartment holds all my makeup pieces. You can call them my "capsule makeup kit", the absolute minimum that I use daily. Well, I have brought three eye palettes with me: Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate palette (daily use), Chanel Christmas Limited Edition palette (for my sister @beautyorbread to try) and the tiny Japonesque duo (for some short overnight trips that I will make). The only item that is not shown is my foundation - I have taken the Japonesque foundation. It is in a glass bottle so I have bubble-wrapped it and packed amongst the clothes in my main suitcase.
In the clear case, I have all my liquidy stuff - lipglosses, hand gel, hand cream, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, and my contact lenses solution.

I am all set and ready to go! When I land in Hong Kong, it will be Christmas Day and I will do my last blogmas post.

When you are going away to your parents' or relatives' houses this Christmas, what makeup are you packing?