Blogmas Day 7 : My favourite Lush Hair/Shower Combo: Lush Rose Jam and Lush Grass

I am a huge shower gel fan, so I always look for new shower gel to try out. In the world of Lush, apart from bath bombs, they have some amazing gels too! My favourite of in the bunch are Grass and Rose Jam.

I love the Lush Grass shower gel because the freshly-cut-grass smell reminds me of mid summer lawn, and it smells so clean and fresh. But how really like to use it is as a shampoo. It is my clarifying shampoo to give my hair a deep clean every week. Afterwards, my hair feels squeaky clean with the grassy fresh clean smell.

Anything in rose scent I would jump on my feet. Lush Rose Jam shower gel is limited edition at Xmas time. The rose scent is strong, and it is the sweetness that gives the name "Jam'. If you have used it in a shower, you will agree "Jam" is the only word that would fit that sweet scent.

What is your favourite shower gel from Lush?