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Blogmas Day 18: December Birchbox *SPOILER ALERT*

*SPOILER ALERT* If you are waiting for your Birchbox and want to keep the surprise til then, please look away NOW (only showing the box cover as a teaser, hee hee..). Otherwise, please read on....

I have subscribed to Birchbox for a few months now.  I don't normally blog about my box because I can never decide when is a good time to reveal my box. Too early, it will ruin the surprises to other people; too late, the post becomes not relevant anymore. However, since it is Blogmas and I basically document about my December life (well, mainly my purchases), so I am doing this quick post as I just received my box yesterday.

When there is a special box, the design of the pattern is always beautiful. As this should be a Xmas themed box, I would think the zig-zag pattern resemble Christmas trees.

In my box, I received (from left to right):

Twistband Hair Tie -  £10 for a pack of 6
Alima Pure Luminious Shimmer Eyeshadow - £12.50
Delarom Acquacomfort Mask - £24
BeeKind Body Lotion - £12.95
Number 4 Non-Aerosol Hairspray - £18.50
Nail Rock Nail Glitter Blue - £6.99
A $20 voucher code for American Jewellery brand Baublebar, which is going to be launched in the UK.

Apart from Twistband, I have not heard of any of the other brands before. I have been wanting to try Twistband for some time, but I couldn't justify £10 for just 6 hair ties! I had a first try of my Twistband, I am afraid I am not too blown away by it. I think my hair is quite thick and heavy, so I felt that the Twistband was not strong enough to hold my ponytail in place. I will keep using it for more times to get a better understanding of it.

Another exciting item from this box is the voucher and the news about launching of Baublebar in UK! If you have seen Ingrid MissGlamorazzi's video, you should have heard of this brand. Baublebar do young, fun & cute jewellery. Ingrid has even designed her own pieces (check them out here)!! I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Are you subscribing to Bichbox or any other beauty boxes? I love to heard what you get in your box!

You can shop all the December box products here


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