(Late) Announcement! First Blogmas on F&B!

After giving some serious thoughts, I decided to do Blogmas this year! That is to blog everyday in December until Xmas.

It will be an intense month with blogging everyday instead of my regular "two posts a week"schedule, it is also a very busy time of the year in my day job. However, I think it will be very fun too!

Some Blogmas stick to a theme, usually Xmas related such as decoration tips, recipes ideas, gifts ideas (oh! have you seen my 3-part Xmas gift guides yet? Gifts for over £25, Gifts for £25 or under and Gifts for £10 or under). I am not going to have any particular theme, I am doing it more like a "personal diary entries" kind of style. I have not done many advance posts planning either, I want to keep the posts current.

I am actually really excited about this!

Are you doing Blogmas or Vlogmas this year?
What special thing will you be doing this December?