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Foodie Friday #18: Jamie Oliver Barbecoa at St Paul's, London

November is my birthday month (yay!). If you want to take a look at what I got for my birthday, I have a post about my birthday goodies here, there are more pictures & more birthday goodies on my instagram as well. And a birthday cannot be complete without a good meal! On a sunday night, Scott took me to Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa - a restaurant that we have been dying to try for ages!! We were just waiting for a good excuse and a good time!

The view from our table

We had such a good table, it was at the corner with floor to ceiling glasses on two sides, and the magnificent St Pauls Catherdral was right there in front of us, the perfect view!

Crispy Pig Cheek, Piccalilli, chive with Lambs Lettuce Salad

Chicken Liver with Toast

For starters we had Crispy Pig Cheek and Chicken Liver with Toast.

I didn't know what to expect for Pig Cheek, it came as a "fish cake" style, lightly crispy outside but soft & tender the inside; the piccalilli cut through the rich flavour and lifted the dish so well!

Jamie Oliver's restaurant never does things ordinarily. The wooden board had three waves of chicken liver pate, which was flavoursome. But the star of the board, I think was the toasts! Normally the toasts that come with a pate dish would be tiny! So tiny & few that I would run out of toasts after two mouthful. However, Barbecoa's toasts were proper slices! The toasts had a hint of cheese flavour (but I couldn't see any trace of cheese), which made them so tasty that I could just eat them on their own!

Rib-Eye for Two

Sides - Duck Fat Chips, Garlic Mash, Bourbon Peppercorn sauce and Blue Cheese Butter (hidden behind the chips)
We couldn't not have steak when coming to Barbecoa (tho I saw the burgers on the next table were so attractive too! next time…) We ordered the Rib-Eye for Two. Presentation was so impressive! It was like a scene from Flinstone!!
It was cooked to medium rare, and did look quite red in the pictures. I normally couldn't eat meat that rare, but they were so tender, and rich, and dyingly delicious!!! The flavour was so rich that Scott said he couldn't had the blue cheese butter… too rich together!
Bourbon Peppercorn Sauce
I always have peppercorn sauce with my steak. And peppercorn sauce could vary a lot across restaurants! Most peppercorn sauce are creamy, but Barbecoa's had no cream in it, so it may look runny at first, but the flavour was soooooo good!! The peppercorns were cooked to tender too! The peppercorns could be eaten like peas!!
Barbecoa Brownie with Caramel Popcorn & Salted Caramel Ice Cream
The portion of the sharing steak was absolutely huge, but I just cannot skip desserts. This Barbecoa Brownie is the perfect small sharing plate (tho it doesn't advertise as a sharing dessert). The chocolate was rich yet light, with the caramel popcorn to give the occasional crunch, and the cold ice cream gave the perfect freshness to balance out the rich meal.
We were so looking forward to this meal and Barbecoa did not disappoint! With the location, the view, the food quality and the lively atmosphere, Barbecoa is very reasonably priced. I would definitely come back again!

And finally, I leave you with a little view from the Roof Terrace of One New Change. There is a restaurant and a bar on the roof terrace for a little pre- or after dinner drink!

Barbecoa -
20 New Change Passage, London EC4M 9AG


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