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Things that I bought in IMATS London : 22 June 2013

I had a few items on my wish list that I was planning to get at IMATS - Brushes from Hakuhodo and Crown brushes, Z palette, and a freedom palette from Inglot. And I am pleased to report that I was very much on target, and I didn't stray off track to buy anything extras.

I didn't get anything from Inglot because the booth was just too crowded. The show discount was not significant either.

Hakuhodo Misty Set (£95)

I am so excited! I spotted this set and I knew right away that was exactly what I wanted. Each Hakuhodo brush costs around £50 and upwards, my set was £95. It has 6 brushes and a zipped brush holder.

What I most love about them are all the brushes are pointed, they are directional. I found small pointed/tapered brushes are much easier to control than big fluffy ones.

Crown Brushes (£17)

They are reasonably priced but good quality brushes. So I bought a few of them.
2 x small tapered brushes for crease work in the eye
1 x small tapered face brush for powder and blush
1 x normal size fan brush for highlight
1 x cute little fan brush (so cute that I just needed to have it)

Z-Palette from Precious About Makeup (PAM) (£19.20)

Always wanted a Z-palette to house my MAC eye shadows. I have a big MAC palette, but their small palettes are always out of stock. These small & medium size Z-palettes are great for handbag & travel.
Aqua Yellow medium palette (£11.60)
Hot pink small palette (£7.60)

Total spending: £131.20

I am so pleased with my purchases - they are things that I have been wanting for a long time. Furthermore, I have not spent on anything unnecessary!!

What have you bought at IMATS? I would love to see your purchases!


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