Foodie Friday #8: Jamie Oliver's Dog House, London

No, I don't mean the house for his pet dogs...

This is the new Jamie Oliver's fast food & diner pop-up on Shaftesbury Avenue.
Although I say "pop-up", they are going to be with us for the next 2 years, so plenty of time to plan your visit (How about this Father's day sunday!)

There are two parts to this pop-up: the Dog House, which is a fast food set up selling hot dogs; next door to it is the Diner, which is a sit down diner with a full menu of burgers, ribs & fried chicken buckets. This blog post is about the fast food Dog House part.

The menu is simple: 9 choices of hot dogs, all come with fresh slaw. The names of the hot dogs are funky: Puppy Dog - the simple basic; Slumdog Millionnare - with curry sauce, corriander & coconut yoghurt; British Bulldog - Beef dog with onions & english mustard.

 Chillie Dog (beef dog, cowboy chilli, sour cream & crisp shallot)

Weiner Dog (beef dog, sauerkraut, mustard & sewwt pickled chilli)

Scott & I had Wiener Dog & Chillie Dog. Both were super tasty. Ther were so much fillings that they kept falling out! Lemon juice was used as dressing instead of mayo, so the slaw was tasted fresh & clean.
The hot dog bun was white but contained wheatflour, take note if you are allergic to wheat.

This is the perfect pit stop when you are out and about in Piccadilly Circus/ Leicester Square area & need a quick bite to eat & rest.

I have not yet tried the Diner next door, but that is definitely on my list to try next!

What have you got planned on Father's Day? Why not popin to Jamie's if you are out and about at the West End?