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A day at IMATS London : 22 June 2013

Months of anticipation, and finally I was at IMATS!

My sister (@beautyorbread) & I got there at around 11am (the show opened at 10am), the exhibition hall was already buzzing!! Demo on the main stage was already in full swing, people were queueing to get into booths of popular brands like Make Up For Ever, MAC, and NYX; cash tills were ringing as people were buying crazily already, models' make up were already started at the individual cinematic makeup brands...
There were so much going on wherever I looked, we were randomly strolling from booth to booth to just take everything in.

First stop we found ourselves at Crown brushes booth. I have had a lot of recommendation from different people about this brands. They were only available online so I was intrigued to touch the actual brushes before buying.

There were a sea of brushes... The prices were so reasonable (from about £3 to £20), so I picked up a few of them (You can see what I bought here).


Next we went to Hakuhodo - the famous Japanese brushes company. This brand really excites me, not only they do the absolutely best quality brushes in the world, but also they are not easy to get! They only sell within Japan or online via their American based website with high shipping costs. I was so excited to finally get my hands to touch and feel their brushes... and I am not being funny, the softness of their brushes were out of this world! They took softness to another level, comparing to all the other brushes making companies. I had to buy something from them, there was no two ways about it!

Apart from looking for things to buy, you cannot ignore the genius makeup artists in the show, they were do the most creative and beautiful cinematic makeup on models, and it wasn't everyday that you could see these cinematic makeup up close.

(This workshop was about Bridal makeup)

There were also a full programmes of workshops for everyone to attend, pro makeup artists to talk through techniques and tips & tricks in the industry.

(Becky, Me, Holly & Tati)

Oh, and at the same time, I also got to meet a handful of YouTubers from UK and the America!!! 

I stayed till 5pm when the show closed. I had so much fun!! Bye bye IMATS 2013, I will see you next year!


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