ARE YOU READY? : IMATS 2013 London 21-23 June

Are you ready for IMATS this weekend???

My sister (@beautyorbread) and I are so excited! We are going to be there on saturday.
I have not been buying anything this week in order to save up for IMATS.

Here is my wish list:

Hakuhodo brushes
- this is probably my most look-forward booth
- mainly face brushes (foundation and powder brushes ) that I am looking for, they are the brushes that I will use everyday.

Crown Brush UK
 - good quality brushes and prices are friendly on bank balance

Z Palette at PAM's booth
- always curious about the Z palettes so I am excited to check them out in IMATS before I buy.

- their Freedom palette system looks so cool! May get a palette made up while I am there
No harm to get another 217 brush from MAC and pick up a few more eye shadows; a browse of Make Up Forever products at their booth and Guru Makeup Emporium booth....

Definitely will be followed up by a haul blog post afterwards!

You can still get tickets at the IMATS website here!

If you are going, see you on saturday everyone!!