Foodie Friday #7 : Wing-Co Chocolate Milk

"The manly chocolate milk for men with added man" - the tag line for the new chocolate milk drink in the market.

I was given this drink along with the free weekly Shortlist magazine at my local tube station yesterday. A chilled choclate milk in a sunny morning! A welcome change!

First thing that struck me was the size of the bottle - 500g!! Half a kilo of chocolate milk??! It would last me for a few days in the office.

"40% high protein (Whey Protein)"
"Shoots down hunger, FAST"
It sounds like those manly muscle building energy drink to me. With a closer look to the product description at the back, and the wing man deisgn, this chocolate milk is screaming (or shouting) out manly to the market.

(Please excuse my messy office desk background)

The drink is tasty, very rich in chocolate flavour. Skimmed milk was used which is nice. The only worrying bit is the sugar content: 9.5g of sugar per 100g, so for this 500g bottle, you will take in 47.5g of sugar if you drink it all in a go. For me, it is astoundingly high, but I suppose this is main factor to give you that instant lift of energy before the protein kicks in.

I suppose this is a welcome alternative to those who prefer not to be seen with a can of red bull in a weekday morning in the office.

I have not seen it in any supermarket yet, so keep a look out if this sounds appealing to you!