Breakfast with my Tiffany nails: NYC nail polish

Never pay attention to the brand NYC in Superdrug. Perhaps it's because their products are so cheap in prices, that I automatically assume they are aimed at the teenage market. Not until recently I read Fleur de Force's post about their Tiffany blue nail polish. I love Tiffany's jewelry & their packaging (who doesn't?!) I HAVE to check this out!

As Fleur has mentioned on her post, Superdrug must have made a mistake in the labels of the polishes. There is a baby blue and this green Tiffany colour - green one is called Blue Sky, the baby blue one is called Raindrops. However, it is the other way round on the shelf! I was completely confused, but as both are really pretty colours, and they are not expensive (£1.79 each), I bought both in the end.

The consistency is good - thick but not gloopy. Two coats and a top coat will give a beautiful finish. The brush is good too, technically it is not those special wide brush, but still it is a bit wider than a traditional nail polish brush.

I am very pleased with the colour, it does look very similar, almost identical to the Tiffany shade. It is a great summer colour!!

Tiffany fans out there, you HAVE TO GET THIS!

NYC nail polishes - £1.79 from Superdrug
Tiffany Green - should be called "Raindrops", but it has "Blue Sky" label in store
Baby Blue - should be called "Blue Sky", but it has "Raindrops" label in store


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