Foodie Friday #14 : The Food Garden Cafe at Selfridges , London

From time to time, I will have nights where I am on my own, not wanting to go home just yet after work. In these nights, my favourite place to go is Selfridges. And in these nights, my favourite place to eat is The Food Garden Cafe - the top floor food court inside Selfridges .

There are so many choices: salad, fresh juices, crepes, Thai & Chinese cuisine, even Ed's milkshake. And tonight, because it's a hot summer night, I fancy something spicy to wake up my taste buds, I have chosen to have Indian food.

The Indian section was run by Masala Zone. I picked prawn Thali as it is a gathering of a handful of small dishes.

As you can see, you have a mixture of different dishes - chutneys, spinach with potatoes, vegetable curry, lentil dhal, prawn curry & rice.

Everything was really tasty, had a kick but not over-spicy. It didn't look a lot in the photo, but I was struggling to finish everything.

After food, I would go wonder round in the beauty hall, then go home happy.

Do you have nights that you are out by yourself? If so, where do you like to go, and what do you eat?