Makeup Lego : Jouer Little Black Dress Palette

I love Lego and I love Makeup - what if there is a Lego in the makeup world....?! Jouer Cosmetics has made this dream come true, especially with the two palettes that they have: Blushing Beauty Collection and the Little Black Dress palette.

A few YouTubers like Essie Button, Fleur De Force, and Ameila have talked about the Blushing Beauty Collection on their videos, but I actually prefer the Little Black Dress palette instead.

The Little Black Dress (LBD) palette is from Jouer's Signature Collection, designed by Jouer's Founder & Creative Director Christina Zilber.

The palette comes with 4 products:

- Powder eye shadow in Licorice - almost matte with very tiny bit of shimmer. Perfect for an instant smokey eye look on-the-go, can be used as eye liner, AND if you have darker brow, this could "triple up" as brow powder with a light-hand.

- Powder eye shadow in Pink Champagne - a great all over lid colour and can be used as a highlighter as well

- Mineral powder blush in Rose - beautiful colour to give a rosy glow to the cheeks

- Moisturizing Lipgloss in Divine - very moisturizing indeed! Not sticky at all. You can keep it separate in your handbag for touch-ups at any time.

I am loving this palette A LOT! Simple colours, not over-complicated. Handy for handbags and for travelling. It is such fun to play with too! All Jouer's products have the sliding slot on the sides, so you can switch up colours easily to create your own palette.

So... are you tempted?? Have you tried other products from Jouer?

Little Black Dress Palette  - £52
Blushing Beauty Collection - £45
You can get Jouer's products from Cult Beauty website