Budget Buy: MUA nail polish in Natural Days

When I was in Superdrug to buy the Tiffany colours (NYC nail polishes  - check out my blog post here), as the offer was 3 for 2 across all nail polishes, I picked up a MUA polish as my freebie.

I saw this pastel baby pink colour in Natural Days. The colour looks really cute in the bottle.

Note the size compare to an Essie bottle

I have never tried MUA's nail polishes before, their new packaging hold the polishes in dinky little bottles (like a baby Essie), which are adorable. And practical too - when was the last time you actually finished a bottle of nail polish?

The colour is absolutely gorgeous. It is the perfect baby pink in my opinion. The consistency of the polish is not particular thick nor thin. Definitely needs two coats though because the first coat is quite streaky, but with a second coat and a good top coat, the finish is beautiful. 

The lasting power is not particularly great - I applied mine on a saturday night, tiny chipping has already appeared on my index finger by Monday morning. However, if you tend to change your colour frequently, it won't be a problem.

Overall, I am very happy with this nail polish, bear in mind that they are only £1 each!! With a good range of colours, I cannot think of any better bargains!

Have you tried any MUA nail polishes?

MUA nail polish in Natural Days - £1 from Superdrug