Foodie Friday #13 : The Top Floor Restaurant inside Peter Jones Department Store, Kings Road, Chlesea

I know what you are thinking, "restaurant inside Peter Jones?!"

Technically, it's not even a restaurant,  it is a food court style canteen. So why it can make it into the Foodie Friday feature?

As the name suggested, it is on the to floor of Peter Jones Department Store (part of John Lewis Partnership). The whole space is light & airy flooded with natural light. 

It has the standard cold & hot food counter, and a Espresso Bar corner for cakes & coffees.

But you are not come here for the food (tho they have a lovely selection of cakes). THIS is what you come here for...

Look at this breathtaking view!

You would probably have to pay a small fortune in a top restaurant to get this view. But in here, it's free!

There is a row of tables right by the windows, of course they are also the most popular seats & the busiest area. 

If you are in Chelsea, I highly recommend everyone to come up to the top floor of Peter Jones & take a minute to soak in the view.