Blogmas Day 8: Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea & Caramelised Apple Green Tea

In the colder months, I do love to have a cup of tea in the evening. It makes me feel cozy and relaxing. Twinings latest winter flavours Salted Caramel Green Tea and Caramelised Apple Green Tea are my new favourites!

The smell for both of them are so delicious! They smell exactly like the name suggest. I found that if I drink them really hot, they smell delicious but doesn't taste much at all. However, the flavour seems to come out better!
Apart from these two, there is a 3rd flavour of Gingerbread Green Tea!!

Have you tried any of these teas?

Twinings Caramelised Apple Green Tea - Waitrose - £2.49
Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea - Waitrose - £2.49
Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea - Waitrose - £2.49