Blogmas Day 10 & 11: Photo Diary of My Typical Work Day

If you have read my "About me" page, you will know that I have a full time job, am working in a law firm in Ealing, West London. It is just an ordinary office job, never has anything interesting happened. However, as it is Blogmas, I thought I would document my route to work & the area. It would be interesting to look back in the future.

I leave my house at around 7.45am, that would give the London Transport plenty of time for unexpected delays & disruptions in the morning rush hour. Most days I would be at Ealing already at around 8.30am (my office hours starts at 9.15am). Since I still have about half an hour spare, I would go to Pret to grab a coffee and catch up blogs on my phone.

At 9am I start walking slowly to my office. Every Christmas, the front of the church will turn into a pop up store to sell Christmas trees.
Keep walking down the road, it is now very close to my building. In the past 5 years (and still on-going), we are surrounded by building sites. The area has built two new hotels and two massive office buildings. But the work still continues with more residential buildings.
My office is on the 6th floor. We have 3 lifts in the building but one by one they broke down and one just never come back on.

Some days we are lucky to have one lift working. Other days when no lifts, I will have to walk up six floors.
I take my lunch quite late at around 2pm to avoid all the mad rush. I normal browse in M&S, Boots and Primark.

Ealing is an interesting town. It has trendy restaurants and coffee shops, but also has a greenery part that looks like a little village.
The square has a mini Christmas market going on with little wooden cabins that sell food and gifts.

By the time I finish work at 5.30pm, outside is completely dark already. The town turns pretty with festive lights.

Time to squeeze through the station entrance to get onto the platform!
The last leg of the journey is to take a bus (I can't bear the crowded tube), just a few stops and I am home! 

This is my typical work day.