Blogmas Day 12: Foodie Friday #25 : Limeyard Ealing

Limeyard is the latest addition to Ealing (check out my last post Blogmas Day 10 & 11 for more about Ealing).

It is an all-day all-round cafe and restaurant, opens from breakfast to dinner.

I tried their Full Yard breakfast (their full breakfast with bacons & eggs etc) but not impressed. I don't particularly like the flat sausage, it's like a mini sausage meat burger, I personally would prefer a proper nice sausage. Spiced beans sounds good but they are cold, not liking cold beans on the same plate with hot breakfast.

However, their lunch is fantastic! My favourite dish is their Buttermilk Chicken. The coating is really crispy and delicious, not greasy at all! It comes with a sesame sauce. Something different and it's the perfect sauce with the crispy chicken! But the star of the plate is the salad underneath. Peanut salad with chillies in, it is crunchy, refreshing and has a kick in it, absolutely lovely! 

Definitely go to Limeyard if you are in Ealing area!!

Limeyard Restaurant
8 Ealing High Street Ealing London W5 5DB