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Blogmas Day 5: Foodie Friday #24 : Smack Lobster Deli

After I went to Tokotsu Ramen Bar in Selfridges (post here) to fulfil my ramen obsession (another post here), I was going to head to Duke Street Emporium for a coffee (more post here). Thank god I walked down the wrong street and found Smack Lobster Deli!

The understated outside of the deli makes it a blind spot to shoppers on the busiest Oxford Street. (Easier to spot at night now as it has twinkle lights all round the entrance).

Smack Lobster is a simple deli, high stools bar style seatings.
They have a simple menu of 4 different style lobster rolls, a couple of sides, drinks & ice cream, simple!
We ordered Happy Ending & Seven Samurai rolls, they both had Japanese themed to them, a side of courgette chips & a lobster chowder.
The rolls were soooooo tasty! So much tasty lobster filling that it was practically falling out from the roll! The think cut bread (probably brioche) was toasted so beautifully!!
We tried the lobster chowder too! I love chowder anyway, and this chowder was full of flavour with chunks of lobster meat in it. It's a perfect lunch with toasted brioche! (Tho I don't think the chowder comes with any bread...)
The star of the meal was definitely the courgette fries. Smack Lobster don't do normal fries. They do courgette fries! It was a refreshing alternative. These fries weren't greasy at all! They were crunchy & juicy, a refreshing alternative to the usual potato fries. This time we shared a portion, but I am going to get my own next time, coz they are too good to share!

Smack Lobster shoots right up to be my star eatery of 2014! 

Smack Lobster Deli - 26-28 Binney Street, London W1K 


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