Selfridges Sale Bargain : Marc by Marc Jacobs Boostcase for iPhone 5

Selfridges is having their sale on! Across the store some of the reductions are unbelievable. I normally get fairly lucky and I can find a bargain. Sometimes it’s makeup products, other times are shoes or handbags. This time, I bought a phone battery charger! I seem to be discovering some cute chargers recently, like my J Crew charger, which I am absolutely love!

This time, it is a Marc Jacobs charger with phone case! The price? Sit tight – It was reduced from £85 to £10!! £10!!! Even for a Marc Jacobs phone case is a bargain, let alone it comes with a cute charger that can provide a full charge!

Normally for a clip on battery, they are bulky and not pretty. The battery is actually the phone case so you are stuck with it whether you need your phone to be charged or not. 

What so brilliant about the Marc Jacob charger (by Boostcase) is : The set has two parts – a clip-on battery (the fuchsia pink) and a normal phone but with special holes for the battery to clip on (the pastel blue case).

When battery needs to be charged, just clip on the fuchsia pink case ON TOP OF the pastel blue case!

It is a little heavy, it is an external battery after all, but the cat design is cute & you can carry on to use your phone as normal. When the charging finishes, just take off the pink case and everything is back to normal.

£10 for a phone battery or £10 for a phone case alone is extremely good price, let alone you have BOTH and cute design by Marc Jacobs!

Boostcase x Marc by Marc Jacobs - Selfridges London in store - £85 -> £10 

(I found mine at the handbag section of Marc Jacobs in Selfridges London. Unfortuantely I can't find it online. Try to check out the Boostcase website for stockists )