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Omorovicza Essential Kit

When I saw this kit in Selfridges I thought “yep, this is probably my once in a life time chance to try the brand Omorovicza”.

Well… may be I was over-reacting a little, but I have been eyeing up this luxurious Hungarian brand for such a long time (just keep being put off by the price) that I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered this kit.

I looked up the kit on SpaceNK and ordered it straight away! (Earning those all important Indulge points!!)

Omorovicza Essential Kit contains the travel-size products:
Thermal Cleansing Balm (if Full Size - £46)
Queen of Hunger Mist (if Full Size - £46)
Illuminating Moisturiser (if Full Size - £85)
Rejuvenating Night Cream ( if Full Size - £105)
Cleansing Mitt embossed with “Omorovicza” (if to be bought on its own - £10)
Clear two-sided travel makeup case

Now the price – this kit is £75. Yes, I heard my own “ouch” BUT the range of products are complete. For me, they are everything I would have wanted to try from this brand. Although they are travel-size products, they are very generous travel size by all means. The creams could last me for a month or longer I would say. Cleansing Balm pot is about the size of a gel eyeliner, but it doesn’t need much for one cleanse, it would last for about 5 uses. The only disappointment is the spraying pump of the Hunger Mist… may be mine one was the wonky one. So I transfer them a bit at a time into my Travalo perfume bottle as a refreshing mist throughout the day… arrr… the scent is sooo calming…..

Apart from the products themselves, the travel case is an ace on its own! It is the same style as the Anya Hinchmarch travel makeup case (it costs a whooping £150!!) , which I have been wanting forever!

Considering you can have the complete range of Omorovicza products and a dupe Anya Hinchmarch travel case, £75 suddenly doesn’t sound that much expensive anymore, does it?

Omorovicza Essential Kit – SpaceNK - £75


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