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Foodie Friday #21 : Shoryu, Carnaby Street : The importance of great customer service

What makes a restaurant stand out? The variety of food? The quality of food? The price? The location? All these are important. But for me, a great customer service definitely lurks me back more than anything else. 

I have talked about Shoryu Ramen before because of their delicious ramen (post here). Shoryu has opened their 3rd branch at the quirky Carnaby Street about 3 months ago. So I went to try the other day with my sister +Cynthy Chui .

Shoryu is at Kingly Court inside Carnaby Street. The ground level shop gives them the advantage to have indoor and outdoor seating areas. We chose to sit inside as it was a relatively cool & windy evening.
Cucumber & Kumquent Cocktail


King Tonkotsu (exclusive dish to Carnaby Street branch)
The food was super delicious as always.

Whilst I was waiting for my food, I spotted an advert on my table saying "double loyalty points for Sunday ramen". Loyalty points? I didn't know Shoryu has a loyalty scheme so I lifted my head to search for a waitress to ask. My eyes were met by a friendly staff (I didn't ask but I suspected she was the day shift manager). She came over and explained to me about the scheme. It basically collecting stamps each visit within a year, and will be rewarded every 5 stamps. Rewards could be a free starter, free drink, or free ramen. If you are a hard core fan and manage to collect 60 stamps in a year, you will become a Golden member. You will get a free t-shirt, a free dish up to £5 on each visit, and your ramen will be served in a golden bowl!
After talked me through the scheme, she also chatted to me about this new branch. I told her that I ordered the King Tonkotsu noodle. She said there were three exclusive dishes in this new Carnaby Street branch, one was my King Tonkotsu  - the only ramen with prawns in it, the Kuro Tan Tan ramen, and the World Cup Hirata bun. My food then arrived so she left me to enjoy my food.
When my tummy was pleasantly full with the yummy ramen. I looked around and saw an waitress brought out an interesting look dish. Another staff saw me looking over and thought I needed assistance, so she right away came over. I pointed to her the dish & she told me it was called "Fire & Ice" - Cold noodles with a warm dipping sauce, a very different but tasty dish. She then went on to ask if everything ok, was it the first time I visited Shoryu. We had a nice quick chat.

I left the restaurant feeling satisfied, not only my tummy, but the hospitality that I received.

On the other hand - Would you ever go back to a restaurant or a shop where you made a complaint, the manager response was "go somewhere else if you don't like it here"? Shocking? Nope, it had actually happened!

I HIGHLY PRAISED Shoryu at Carnaby Street - excellent food, relax atmosphere, friendly, warm and welcoming staff team.

Shoryu Ramen Carnaby
G3-5 Kingly Court London W1B 5P
You can also check out their delicious menu here
Carnaby is the only branch at the moment that takes bookings


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