Nails Inc Hyde Park Place: Grey is my new beige

You can never go wrong with nude beige nails: effortless, elegant, classic and timeless. My favourite nude beige has to be Burberry’s Ash Rose.

Recently, I just feel like change – I want an alternative to the usual beige. I looked through my nail polish drawer and noticed Nails Inc’s Hyde Park Place. Applied it and I love it!!

Hyde Park Place is a soft grey. It doesn’t contain green in it so it won’t look like some clay mask colour. No purple hint either, it is a true grey. The tone is very flattering, it won’t make my hands look dirty. I like it that it gives more colour than a beige. I think it is a great transition colour from winter to spring.

This is "George Street" 

Hype Park Place is part of Nails Inc “In the Nude Collection”. The three other colours are: Sheraton Street  (pale blue), George Street (mink pink), and Kensington Gore (rich nude).

In the Nude Collection - - £25


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