Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation

My new obsessed item in my makeup routine is my Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation.

I bought it when I was in Hong Kong during Christmas.  D&G makeup range was just launched in Hong Kong in Sep 2013. Hong Kong was their first location in Asia Pacific. I bought a few things from them (see my Hong Kong Haul here), but my favourite so far has been the Matte Liquid Foundation.
The liquid foundation is housed in a beautiful glass bottle with gold top. Very elegant and live up to its high end brand name. May be not the best bottle to travel with, but it looks stunning on my dressing table.
Left: half a pump  Right: blended out
I would compare the texture of the D&G foundation to the L'Oreal Nude Magique, very light in texture but D&G foundation has coverage, and it is certainly buildable. I apply it using my fingers (tho you can use a traditional flat foundation brush if you prefer), just need one full pump and smooth it out with my fingers. For areas that need a bit more coverage, like my under-eye area, I would pump a tiny bit extra and pat it on with my fingers.

Because the texture is so light, my face still feels like my own skin afterwards, people can barely see that you have foundation on, but just think that you have naturally good skin.

Brace yourself with my Before and After pictures below:
It is a Before picture. Please excuse this disturbing image of my spotty face. However, with all the imperfections on my face, I hope it can emphasise the effect of the foundation in the next picture.
It is the After picture. I applied one thin layer, smoothing out with my fingers. As you can see, my skin tone was even out, and all the imperfections were mostly covered. Even those huge blemishes. It brightened up my face too, yet the effect was natural and not cakey at all.

It is fragrance-free, so no need to worry any irritation to your skin.

With SPF20 also built-it, it is the perfect foundation to be used in the winter as it has already provided a basic UV protection to our face.

The wearing time is good too - it keeps my face oil free for a good eight hours without consider any touch up powdering. I would only need a quick dust of powder to freshen up if I need to go out after work.

Yes, the price is not cheap (£38), but in my opinion, every drops worths every penny, I love the light texture, how fresh it makes my skin looks, the oil free matte but not flat looking, and its lasting ability. It just ticks all the boxes for me!!

D&G has other types of foundations in their range: a creamy one for dry & sensitive skin (the texture of this is like ice-cream, so creamy and light!), and a luminous one if you are after a radiant look.

D&G counter is exclusive at Harrods in-store and Harrods website.

Dolce and Gabbana Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation (15 shades in total, my shade is Bisque 75) - Harrods - £38