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The Fluffiest & Cutest Corner Shop EVER by Lucy Sparrow

Last weekend was an arty crafty weekend for me.. On Thursday I went to the opening evening of Christiaan Nagel’s giant mushroom & fishes exhibition. On Sunday, I went to yet another crafty exhibition! To be more precise, I went to the CUTEST CORNER SHOP EVER!!

The one month exhibition in Bethnal Green is called “The Corner Shop”. Textile artist Lucy Sparrow has opened her very own corner shop with our familiar every day products like crisps, sweets, tin foods, medicines etc… From the first look it was just like a normal corner shop, but when you look closer, the products on the shelves were actually made by felt!

There were over 4000 items in the whole shop, it took Lucy seven months to make each item, all by herself!

As you walking round the shop, you could hear “wow” every 2 steps because not just me, but every single “customer” was amazed and jaw-dropped by not only how realistic & detailed every single item was, but also the varieties of products! People pointed towards the toothpaste, the Nurofens “oh wow! She even got that!”. What made the corner shop realistic was the fact that the shelves were fully stock… Lucy didn’t just make one item for each product, she made several to fill the back rows too!! 

There are even newspapers!!!

Lucy is the Shop Keeper
Despite I took tons of pictures, the pictures just cannot convey the quirky cuteness in real life. You HAVE TO be there to absorb it fully.

The Corner Shop opens until 31st August, 10am-7pm daily. It is free to visit. All items are available to purchase. Just fill it a form and you can own a piece of the cutest Corner Shop when the exhibition finished.

The Cornershop by Lucy Sparrow
19 Wellington Row, London E2 7BB

(P.S. It says “Bethnal Green”, I found it easier to go from Shoreditch/ Hoxton)


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