Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Wireless Earphones - the Life-Changing Earphones

Why did I buy it?
I have been looking for wireless earphones for the past so many years. Most of the wireless earphones can only listen to music. I found that it's really hard to find a pair that is wireless, that can listen to music AND can receive phone calls. When I saw Lily Pebble mentioned these earphones in her "5 Current Favourite Tech Accessories"I looked up the specs and ordered them straight away! (Literally - pause the video, checked the specs, ordered then continued to watch the rest of the video -  LOL)

Where did I buy from and how much?
I bought from the official Sudio Sweden website. Full price is £69 (free DHL delivery). I used the 15% off discount code from Lily's video. They are the Sudio Vasa Bla Rose Gold White earphones. They are the most beautiful and elegant ever!
What is it like?
They are in-ear earphones. The box contains:
- the wireless earphones - connect to your phone via bluetooth;
- various sizes of the earphone rubber - so you can fit to your ear size;
- a rose gold metal clip - I am not really sure what to use for;
- a white leather pouch - I don't really use it as I don't want the white leather to get dirty;
- and a USB charging cable.

The battery time is about 8-10 hours, I use them on my commute to work daily, so that's about 2 hours each day. I normally charge them once a week, which I think it's really good.

Sound quality is good enough for me as I listen to a lot podcasts rather than music.

The cable sits nice on the back of my neck, very comfy to wear.

General thoughts - is it worth the money?
100% worth the money!
These pair of earphones have changed my life! Finally no more tangling cables in my bag, and no more cables that keep getting caught by the buttons on my coat! Earphones connect to my phone via bluetooth, so my phone can be in my bag, in my coat pocket or in my jeans' pocket. When I am in my office, I can just walk round my room, carry on listening without having to carry my phone.

Sudio Sweden Vasa Bla Earphones (Rose Gold White) - Sudio Sweden - £69 (free DHL delivery, takes about 2 days)


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