Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil


Inside Lily x Anna Cult Beauty Box, Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil is probably the most exciting product for me.

I have been intrigued by Luna Oil since it first came out… I love the name – Luna sounds mysterious, and the blue tinted oil looks interesting! “Will I turn into a Smurf?!”

My favourite facial oil so far has been Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate (previous blog post here). That is a dry oil. Luna Oil’s texture is more towards a normal oil (ie thicker than dry oil), but it is not at all greasy nor heavy on the skin! In fact, my face seems to "drink up" the oil pretty quickly! 

I quite like the scent too! It reminds me of Chinese black tea.
I would apply the oil after I cleanse and tone my skin. Most of the nights I would feel it’s enough after the oil. However, in nights that I feel my skin needs some extra help, say it’s a cold night and heater is on throughout, then I would apply a night cream as well.

Despite the 15ml tester bottle is only half of the full size, I think it will last for probably 3 months.

I do like this oil very much… However, the price is pretty steep.. £85 for 30ml is the only choice. Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate is only £37 for the same 30ml (or £49 for 50ml), which I think it is as good, if not better!

My final view is – I have already got a new bottle of Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate waiting in the wing.

Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil (30ml) - Cult Beauty - £85
Kiehl’s Midnight Concentrate (30ml/50ml) - Space NK - £37/£49