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A Nespresso Coffee Machine for Christmas? #CoffeeWithCurrys

For any coffee lovers, the best Christmas present is probably a quality coffee machine, so that to enjoy a fresh cup at home every morning. My top choice has to be Nespresso. I own their smallest machine called Magimix. It was around £80, very affordable price tag, with coffee capsule averaging about 30p each. I love my machine so much that you could imagine my excitement when I was  invited by Joes Blog to attend the Nespresso x Currys event. 

We learnt about coffee tasting, the concept behind Nespresso’s branding, had (clumsy) attempts to the latte art and even tried to make our own coffee cocktails!
I found the coffee tasting session particularly interesting. It was similar to wine tasting, that we smell and slurpped the liquid to taste the full flavour, with chocolate matching. The content of coffee capsule was carefully considered by coffee-masters, they decided what blend and how much powder to fill a pod in order to maximise the flavour and fragrant, so that consumer could have the best coffee experience at home.
Another interesting session was the branding session when we learnt that George Clooney not only was the face of Nespresso, but he also actually sat on the board and contributed ideas! Of course, It would have been a more “constructive” session if Mr Clooney could be at the event to tell us all about his work himself!

The afternoon was finished with two delicious coffee cocktails that we made ourselves – Vanilla Sky (on the left) was absolutely delicious! It tasted just like my favourite Baileys. I included these two simple yet fantastic recipes below, that you can impress your family at Christmas!

Kraken Coffee
50ml Kraken Rum
1 Dharkan Espresso Pod
20 ml Gomme Syrup
2 tspn Peanut Butter
Chocolate Powder
All ingredients to be shaken with ice, served in a martini glass

Vanilla Sky
50ml Black Label Johnnie Walker
50ml Vanilla Gomme
1 Dulsao do Brasil Espresso Pod
100 Cream
Pour all the ingredients into a cognac glass, stir well and add ice.


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