#WLog : Chinese New Year in Hong Kong #1

I am starting a new word called "wlog", it means  "Weekly Log". Video Log is "vlog", so the blog version of a random daily or weekly posts about what's going on in life is "wlog". ;)

I am in Hong Kong now. Today is Chinese New Year's Eve.

In the past week I went to the Chinese New Year Market. It's like Christmas market where there were lots of festive flowers like orchids and cherry blossoms. They all have lucky meanings behind them, wishing a happy and prosperous new year. And of course I took a ton of festive pictures with my adorable baby nephew Lear! 

I have done a controlled amount of beauty shopping too! Muji in Hong Kong has a big beauty section, I bought a pore refining primer, a foundation & a small pot of loose powder. 

My most wanted product is the Laneige BB Cushion foundation, and I wasn't disappointed! At the Laneige counter, I had a skin consultation. My skin is in fact Combination/Dry, not Combination/Oily as I always thought!!! The oiliness was due to skin dehydration so my skin released extra oil to protect itself! So I right away went to buy a new set of Neutrogena Hydro Boost serum, day and night creams. (Got 4 Hydro Boost masks as free gifts!)  

I am sure all the above mentioned will appear in blog review at some point. So keep your eyes peeled if you want to know more about any of these products in details. 

Last but not least, yummy food was never far away in Hong Kong. I tried the beautiful purple Sweet Potato Soy latte, Udon with tempura, and Japanese Milk Ice Cream Sundae with Green Tea sauce. The layer of cornflakes added some satisfying crunchiness to the sundae, I am going put cornflakes as my ice cream toppings from now on!!