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Cleaning Brushes Made Easy with Vegan Brush Shampoo

I know the feeling... Washing brushes is probably the worst part in our makeup routine, but we just have to get on with it. My way to make it a bit more enjoyable is to buy a fancier yet effective product. I found the Vegan Brush Shampoo by London Brush Company is so good!

It is a solid soap that fixed inside the little tub. 
It is very easy to use : 
- wet the soap & brush, 
- give the brush a swirl on the soap, 
- I swirl the brush on my palm to give the brush a good clean, then rinse the brush clean under tap water. 
If for stubborn makeup, like foundation brush, I will just repeat the process until the water runs clear. Also run the whole tub under water to clean the soap. Once all the cleaning are done, leave the brushes & the soap air dry. 

The Vegan Shampoo lathers up really well, it makes the cleaning really effective & quick! The bristles are super clean & as white as new. The soap contains tea tree oil, a fantastic anti bacterial quality. The brushes feel soft after cleaning, it must be due to the Young Coconut milk  that the soap contains.

I am using the Vegan version, there is a Goat Milk version too! But I found the Goat Milk one leaves a smell on the bristles, which I don't particularly like.

Vegan Brush Shampoo - Liberty - £16
Goat Milk Brush Shampoo - Liberty - £16


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